Skiing – The Most Underrated Holiday

Most British people want to escape the cold weather in their holidays and they tend to head straight for the warmer climates, but there is a growing demand to head for the slopes. I’m luckily enough to have been skiing multiple times and am confident going down most runs.

To many people of my age, it just isn’t a holiday that matches the wild times of a Malia or an Ibiza, or a week on the Canaries for those who like to relax, but Skiing offers a bit of everything.

A day of skiing consists of mostly a fairly early wake up time (not always my cup of tea) and heading straight out onto the slopes for a lesson (beginners must have lessons) or just off to roam for yourself. The sport itself is exhilarating, gliding down a mountain with the freshest or air into your face is sometimes as close to flying without actually doing it. On the slopes are a host of mountain bars where a crisp pint goes right down the throat or hot chocolate (usually topped with whipped cream and marshmallows) warms your inside. Finally, once your day is over, you eat a meal that is normally prepared to perfection and then what would interest people of my age begins. The ‘apres ski’ can actually come before your meal, before you even come off the slopes (Nederhutte in Obergurgl, Austria is a great example) but in the evening, the mountain visitors young and old gather and party the day away, with live music being a particular highlight for me. For those wanting to relax, most hotels provide afternoon tea and have spa facilities to unwind, i can safely say it all feel 10 times more relaxing after a day of skiing.

Sure, as you begin, you will fall many times but it is a great life lesson of failure only comes if you quit, otherwise you just learn, so if you stick at it then skiing becomes a part of life that nothing else matches.  The quality of your skiing is very dependant on the weather, as sometimes temperatures of -10 celsius doesn’t make it enjoyable, however if you catch a beautifully sunny day, then i promise you that there aren’t many better views than you get in the mountains.

img_0053If you get the chance to go – go. Many people who haven’t been so excited to go, and have gone and the reviews have always been great. After all, when snow comes to us, everyones impartial to a little snowball fight, right?


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