Stuff to do in London, on a student budget Volume 1 

London has it all in terms on things to do, but as a student, price is a key element to what you can actually do (unless you’re prepared to max out your overdraft). So what can you do that’s cheap but still great? 

The London night economy has been on a downslope as years have gone by, a possible reason for this is the price of a drink in Central London, in my freshers week our organised nights out were all in the Piccadilly area, which is great is you’re a banker or professional footballer. But as a student, £8 for a single mixer was simply too much, so you must look elsewhere.

The introduction of night tube should improve London nightlife as the night bus isn’t an attractive prospect for many, this has opened up chances of better, more affordable nights out. One of the top places is the quirky Camden Town, drinks, however, are still pricey compared to most other places in the UK, but much better than Piccadilly, along with this, the actual clubs reflect the area in their quirkiness, from the ball pits to extravagant themed nights, it seems more ‘studenty’ than the institutions in Central. What’s more is it’s close to Kings Cross on the tube and also on the Northern Line which is soon to be the next night tube line. 

My best nights out have been in Camden and for sure my bank account didn’t take that much of a beating, just be prepared for anything when you get there.



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