Film Review – Suicide Squad, Not as good as marketing suggested? 

They say that one of the most important things about a ‘goodie v baddie’ film is how strong the villain character is. One of the greatest examples of this is Heath Ledger’s magnificent performance as Batman’s rival ‘The Joker’ in The Dark Knight (2008).

Suicide Squad, set in the same DC Comics universe as Batman, has the ingredients of a great original comic book film with the role reversal of the traditional ‘baddies’ fighting for the good of the World. However who they’re facing has no real charisma or unpredictability that the best villains carry. In fact the witch that was the main antagonist had similar motives to King Kahmunrah in Night of the Museum 2. In saying that it’s very hard to match such a performance as Ledger’s and ‘Enchantress’ in this movie has some pretty damning consequences for the world and the scene at the tube station is pretty shocking from a human point of view.

In terms of casting the film certainly appealed to all kinds of demographics. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn inspired many young women and teenage girls to change from the usual hallowe’en dress of a cat or mouse whilst also attracting their male partners and Will Smith manages to attract, well, everyone. The cast alone probably caused the majority of fans to watch, helped by their heavy amounts of social media posts as the release date drew nearer.

Certainly the best part of Suicide Squad is the relationships between the squad itself, with constant bickering and questioning why they’re doing what they’re doing whilst being kept in check by soldier Rick Flag, before watching the film the thing I was most interested in was how they were kept in check.

Overall Sucide Squad is a film that is an easy watch for a rainy day however it doesn’t stand out against the recent load of comic book films and therefore I’ll give it a 3/5. 


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