The ‘P’ Word! 

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Sitting there looking at a book and all that information just becomes a blur.

Before you know it, you’re deep into facebook looking at videos of dogs in swimming pools. Procrastination. Bad for your future, your saviour in the present.

It’s safe to say that my life as a student has been consumed by procrastination, my revision has been obliterated by literally anything else, once I just sat there looking at the window watching rain drops race down (a common sight in England). 

As the new year came around and I’d say down to think about what joys behold me in 2017 – it hit me – two exams in the middle of January, terrible for everyone in my boat, but it gets worse for me, my first exam is the morning after my birthday! So then the pre exam stress began in the back of my mind and now looking forward to my birthday is now out of the question. 

Yesterday I sat down to begin my revision for the first time, how best do I learn how to create a balance sheet off the top of my head? I asked myself. (if anyone reading this is an accountant, help would be greatly appreciated)

I rooted for the ‘do it loads and it’ll stick’ method, like what successfully got me through my driving theory test. So I got a template provided by my tutor and set to work. Safe to say it’s not the most enriching subject at the best of times, so eventually I stopped copying it out and did what is probably the worst of all types of procrastination – eating. Not only do you get no work done, but you also feel like what Jabba the Hut may feel like afterwards. 

I then thought that hundreds upon thousands will be in my boat, so I spent more time writing this post.

Anyone else in my position? How do you combat procrastination? Please comment below! 

Happy 2017. 



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